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Proofs and samples

According to the artwork you provide, we can provide you with antenatal samples after you place an order, or we provide our samples in stock for you to check the strength of our factory to prove our printing quality.
After Receiving the artwork, we will ask our designers to check according to the artwork you provide, they will check each page, and finally send PDF pictures to you for verification and approval. Due to the existence of other special reasons such as color, we need to make samples for you. Customers need to pay additional fees because our online quotation does not include this specific fee.


In the process of printing production, the process of printing proofs or other methods to display the effect of plate making. The purpose of this paper is to confirm whether the settings, processing and operation are correct in the printing production process, and to provide customers with samples of the final printed matter. The visual effect and quality of the bulk goods are not exactly the same as those of the final printed matter. However, it can reach more than 95% similarity, proofing can be divided into three methods, namely, proofing prototype proofing, (color powder) simple proofing, digital proofing.To make a sample, it produces with equipment, printing plates, paper and ink similar to the official printing press, but the prototype is usually a monochromatic or two-color machine (only one or two at a time According to different products, the effect of printing is different from that of bulk goods.

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