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RGB-R (red) G (green) B (blue)

Most of the monitors use the RGB color standard. On the display, the colors are generated by the electron guns on the red, green and blue light-emitting poles of the screen. The current computer can generally display 32-bit color, all on the computer screen. The colors are mixed by the red, green and blue colors in different proportions.we are an offset printer, and this is why we always use CMYK color model for printing artworks.

CMYK Color

CMYK is the first letter of the three printing ink names: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow. The traditional four-color press There are four printing cylinders in traditional four- color printing machine that print cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, respectively. After a blank sheet of paper enters the press, four environmentally friendly inks are printed to obtain the final printed product.

The difference between CMYK and spot colorCMYK –  four colors of cyan, magenta yellow and black. In printing, usually thousands of other colors can be reproduced by these four colors;

spot color – spot color ink refers to a pre-mixed specific color ink (or special pre-mixed ink), used to replace or supplement the printing color (CMYK) ink, such as bright orange, green, fluorescent Color, metal gold and silver ink, etc.. Or it can be bronzing version, embossed version, etc., also used as a partial varnish version, etc. It is not mixed by CMYK four colors, each spot color requires a special plate when printing (It can be easily understood as a spot color film, and a spot color for printing.) Spot colors mean accurate colors.


Different uses of RGB and CMYK colors

As long as the image displayed on the screen is in RGB mode.

As long as the image is seen on the printed matter, it is expressed in CMYK mode. For example, printing baked food packaging, disposable take-out cartons, portable paper bag printing, paper cup printing, pizza box printing, etc., are all printed, then the CMYK mode.

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