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Huacang are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a large variety of Food Paper Bags with Handles which are very popular in commercial . From carry bags for grocery, to takeaway bags for food delivery, our comprehensive range has a paper bag to suit your every need.

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With so many designs to choose from, we have paper shopping bags that are perfect for your business. These wholesale shopping have flat and looped handles for your convenience and are made from extremely durable, yet cost-efficient materials. All paper shopping bags are customizable. Add your name or logo today.

flat bottom food packing paper bag

Custom SOS Bag Printing

Huacang are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a large variety of Food Paper Bags with Handles which are very popular in commercial 。 From carry bags for grocery, to takeaway bags for food delivery, our comprehensive range has a paper bag to suit your every need. SOS brown kraft paper bags are recyclable and have a strong gusseted flat square base which holds lots of heavy food packaging products。 We offer a huge variety of customizable bags in many sizes, shapes, with or without handles and can be coloured and customised according to your design and colors. A cost-effective solution to package food products, these flat brown bags use paper from managed plantation forests. 

Custom Printed Kraft Paper Bag

Custom Kraft Paper Bag Printing

High-quality paper bags that you can use to carry jewellery, garments, cosmetic products and gifts. These paper gift bags are making by Professional machine and very unique to use. The awesome thing about bags is that they are reusable multiple times. Perfect for up cycling into pretty gift bags. This idea will work with any size or shape of paper bag, Huacang for our gift bags & boxes to fit any budget and occasions, and you’ll be ready to give your gift in no time!kinds of paper bags and paper gift boxes. Being your trusted supplier & manufacturer, we deliver as promised. 

bread paper bag with window

Custom Bakery Bag Printing

With more than 15 styles and designs to choose from Huacang offers a wide selection of Bread bakery Packaging bags, from cookie bags to bread bags. Our paper bread bag sizes range from baguette bags and large loaf bags to pastry- and cookie-size bags. You can also show off your baked goods with window bags or opt for custom bread bags printed with your logo. Most of our bakery bags are made from biodegradable and post-consumer paper, adding an eco-friendly touch. Additionally, our bread packing options have:Optional clear plastic windows to show off your fresh baked products. The ability to feature your name and logo,Optional printed “Fresh Bread” designs, Recyclable and eco-friendly alternatives for businesses going green.

tin tie paper bag with clear window

Custom Tin Tie Bag Printing

Our kraft tin tie bags are especially designed for Food storage. Bags are constructed from premium kraft paper with high quality glue and reinforced Tin Tie for extended reusable life. Choose from a variety of tin tie bag sizes with multiple lining fabrications to offer both a breathable (kraft) and non breathable environment (poly) for your Product. Customize bags with window display to make contents more easily recognizable.Tin Tie bags are perfect for food as you can seal them by making them tamper proof but also gives that old fashion food bag for treats or Nuts. Our tin tie paper bags with poly liner are constructed of the highest quality paper and poly materials providing an attractive retail packaging option.

kraft paper bag with clear window

Custom Shopping Bag Printing

As one of the China leading supplier of paper bags, we specialize in providing brown kraft paper bags, bleached kraft paper bags, matt and gloss laminated paper bags with the highest quality finishing and printing. Brown and white kraft paper bags have been used for many years in the retail trade, but are now back in demand as an environmentally friendly and cheap alternative to polythene bags. We also offer a wide range of paper bags in a variety of styles, sizes and multi- colour printing with and without spot UV , hot stamping and embossing effect. Choose from our 4 basic colors of brown, black, red, and white – then add your brand logo or name by inviting your in-house designer or source for one externally.Reusable & durable – Extra stronger and solid, paper bags have an upstanding figure which makes them capable of keeping more items on the double. it’ll make your brand stand out from competitors and even provide you with free advertising and endorsement.

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