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Disposable hamburger box packaging manufacturers

Disposable hamburger box packaging manufacturers
Disposable hamburger box packaging manufacturers, food packaging is an integral part of food commodities. Food packaging and food packaging boxes protect food and prevent the damage of biological, chemical and physical external factors during the circulation of food from customers to consumers. It can also have the function of maintaining the stable quality of the food itself. The consumption of convenience food is the first to express the appearance of the food and attract consumption, and it has value other than material cost.

With the improvement of living standards, people gradually become aware of environmental protection. At present, paper packaging materials have become one of the common packaging materials. Features of paper packaging products:
1. Protect the product and facilitate storage and transportation;
2. Advertising to promote sales;
3. It is environmentally friendly and has strong printability. Cardboard is an ideal material for making cartons. Its good hand feel, ideal color and dot transfer conditions, as well as stiffness and surface strength are the reasons for the designer’s choice.

According to the requirements of different cartons, designers can design and choose various cardboards. The materials of paper packaging box paper cardboard bags include white cardboard, coated paper, whiteboard paper, gold and silver cardboard, corrugated paper, kraft paper, etc.
The principle of design is to consider factors such as the shape of the carton, the external dimensions, the weight to be endured, the appearance, the grade, the choice of printing technology and post-press processing.

The Huacang disposable hamburger box is made of white cardboard. The white cardboard is not only characterized by high whiteness, but also has a soft and elegant luster, good dot transfer during printing, high level and color reproduction, and delicate hand feel. This packaging box is printed on white cardboard, and the outside can be printed in color. It can be used as a general-purpose carton such as a hot dog sausage packaging box, a hamburger packaging box, a snack packaging carton, etc. It can be printed with customized specifications according to different needs of customers. Customize the logo on the box to promote the effect of customers.
While achieving good development, the company has introduced domestic production equipment. Disposable hamburger boxes, as the main product of our Huacang packaging, have a unique design and extraordinary quality. I believe it can bring you a different user experience. The disposable hamburger box packaged by Huacang is mainly used for the packaging of hamburgers, hotdogs, sausages and snacks. With years of professional development and rich production experience, the quality of various products is stable, ranking the forefront of the same industry in China, and is well received by the catering industry and food industry.

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