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Custom Kraft Cake Boxes Baking Boxes Packaging

As Kraft baking boxes are made from recycled Kraft paper material, which cost fewer trees and better for our earth, also the warm-looking brown Kraft paper cake boxes give a more organic presentation than conventional white virgin paper made bakery boxes. Kraft bakery boxes including Kraft cake boxes, Kraft cake slice boxes, Kraft cupcake boxes, Kraft pie boxes, kraft cookie boxes, kraft biscuit boxes, Kraft muffin boxes, Kraft donut boxes, and Kraft macaron boxes. These Kraft bakery packaging can be made with clear window, with paperboard insert, in various box styles, can with handle and customized printed with your branded logo and artwork designing.

custom Kraft Cake Boxes

Custom Kraft Cake Boxes with A Clear PVC/ PET Window 

Kraft cake boxes with window can show off your cake when display on the Huacang stores. It not only can keep the cake clean and fresh in the box but when the customers come to the shop can see the different beautiful designed cakes or pastry through the clear window. You can choose the make the window smaller or bigger according to your needs, also it can be glued on the front or top of the box. The Kraft window cake boxes do have advantages, but as the PVC or PET material is plastic, not eco-friendly as the Kraft paper cake box itself, if you want a 100% recyclable cake boxes, then do not choose to use paper cake boxes with PVC window.

Kraft Cake Slice Boxes

Personalize Designed Various Styles Kraft Cake Slice Boxes

Kraft paper slice cake boxes not only suit for sharing cake slice but also suitable for pie slice, birthday cake, quiche etc sweet desserts and favors giveaways at all occasions like party, weddings and other special occasions. They can be easily decorated with colorful rope, ribbon, printed stickers to add a touch feeling. They come in the natural brown color for a more dainty look. Special design with a clear window for display, or with a carry handle on the top for bakery shop and takeaway transport. Also, we can custom printed your logo and company or shop information on the Kraft cake slice boxes to promote your gourmet food, sweet dessert and baking cakes in a low minimum order quantity.

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