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Paper Soup Container Innovative Foodservice Products to Encourage Environmental Sustainability

 Paper Soup Container Innovative Foodservice Products to Encourage Environmental Sustainability


At Huacang, we’re committed to leading the way for environmentally conscious businesses within the food and beverage industry. Since 2010, Huacang has been a leading restaurant supply manufacturer and e-commerce company serving foodservice professionals across the globe. We strive to create innovative products that will motivate consumers – and propel businesses ahead of industry trends.

Paper Soup Container

Soup is a work of art. You put a lot of effort into making sure your soups stand out as artisan, flavorful and satisfying. So it’s only right that your savory medley is served in elegant, sturdy and eco-friendly disposable paper soup containers from Restaurantware. Our distinct selection of soup cups and lids include microwaveable take out soup containers and paper soup containers of varying sizes and styles.

Our take out containers and lids come in elegant kraft brown and light brown hues and are sturdy enough to hold all kinds of soups. Best of all, they’re made from sustainable materials, making for a chic eco-elegant style. Our plastic soup containers are microwavable and large enough to hold hardier soups and stews. Your customers can enjoy your turkey chili, gazpacho, or crab chowder in personal 8 ounce cups, or in our family-sized 32 ounce containers.

Leak-proof, crack-resistant, and durable, each of our disposable take out soup containers are perfect for all kinds of soups and stews.

Serve up your special crab bisque, mulligatawny, or jambalaya soups in style with these disposable paper soup containers and take out containers from Huacang.


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