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We are introducing our new product – custom design ice cream cups. They are available in two sizes: 8oz (220ml.) and 12oz (350ml.).

Ice cream cups made from high quality certified paperboard could be used not only to serve desserts but fruits and snacks too.

ice cream cuo

Custom design ice cream cup advertising is one of the ways to spread the message about your brand with minimal resources and increase loyal client count. Producing these cups we use gloss paperboard which gives a clear and vivid finished look for the design. This way your communicating message, whether it is quote, logo, news, image or other information, will be clearly visible and easy to read.

A template that is applied to design is available here Templates. If you have any questions for design preparation, please do not hesitate to contact us – our professional team of designers will help to resolve your questions and prepare high-quality designs.

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