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Introduction to the type of carton in the packaging process

Introduction to the type of carton in the packaging process

Introduction to the type of carton in the packaging process, the carton is the most common packaging material. It has many classification methods. It can be divided into the following categories:
1 From the processing method of the carton, there are manual carton and mechanical carton.
2 Depending on how much paper is used, there are thin plate cartons, slab cartons, and corrugated cartons.
2 According to the box material, there are flat cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, cardboard/plastic or cardboard/plastic/aluminum foil composite cartons.
3 From the structure of the carton, there are two types of folding carton and fixed carton.

paper box (1)

The following mainly introduces the folding tray and the fixed tray according to the structure of the paper cassette.
(1) Fold the paper tray.
What is a folding carton? Folding carton means: folding and combining the thin cardboard after cutting and indentation
The folding carton is the most commonly used carton in mechanical packaging. Its cardboard thickness is generally around 1mm.

paper box (5)

From the material point of view, the cardboard for the production of folding carton generally has white cardboard, linerboard, double-sided heterochromatic cardboard and other coated cardboard and other folding cardboard boxes.
In recent years, corrugated cardboard with a relatively large number of turns and a low height (D or E type) has also begun to be applied.
Folding cartons have their own unique features:
1 Structures are numerous. The folding carton can carry out various novel treatments such as the inner wall of the box, the extension of the flap, the curve indentation, the window opening, the exhibition and the like, so that it has a good display effect.
2 Low storage and transportation costs. Because the folding carton can be folded into a flat shape and takes up little space during transportation, the cost of transportation or storage is low.

paper box (2)

Commonly used folding cartons are available in snap-on, glued, hand-held, window-opening, and the like.
(2) Secure the paper tray.
The folding carton is opposite to the fixed carton. It is also called the carton. It is a complete carton made of veneer material.
In general, the fixed carton does not change its inherent shape and size during storage and transportation, so its strength and rigidity are higher than that of a conventional folding carton.

paper box (4)

Although the fixed paper box has good rigidity and good shelf display, it is not easy to make and takes up more space.
Cost and storage costs are higher.

paper box (3)

The commonly used fixed carton has a cover type, a lid type, a flap type, a drawer type, a window opening type and the like.

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